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Central High School Home and School List Serve Rules

  1. The purpose of the Central High Parents list serve is for parents to exchange information about school related activities and personal experience and strategies related to parenting issues. All posts should fit in with this purpose.
  2. It is off limits to discuss the policies of individual teachers or staff as well as the quality of teaching of specific teachers. Those concerns should be directed to those specific teachers or Central Administration.
  3. Members of the list should refrain from being judgmental about other parents’ approach to parenting. Speaking in the “I” voice is recommended.
  4. Other than event announcements, parents shall not forward list serve email messages to anyone.
  5. Do not use the names of any children in posts (i.e. say “my child” or “my teen” rather than the child’s name in order to preserve your child’s privacy).
  6. Members of the list shall interact with each other respectfully at all times, and will refrain from disrespectful comments regarding Central students, teachers or administration
  7. Members of the list may not use the list serve to promote your business or to attempt to sell anything to other parents for your personal benefit.


Descriptions of appropriate cases for use on list serve:

Specific examples of appropriate posts for list serve: Specific examples of inappropriate posts for list serve:
Case Example: A parent is interested in knowing when and where the fall dance is and whether there are parents driving who live in this family’s general neighborhood.
“I’m trying to figure out the times of the fall dance, could someone who knows the times let me know? Is there anyone in the Bella Vista area that could potentially carpool with us?” “I never can find the information I need around events, what’s wrong with the administration?”
Case Example: A parent is unsure when the AP exams are given in the Spring in order to determine class level.
“I would like to know the specific dates and times for the AP exams for next year’s courses, does anyone know or know with whom I should talk to find out the answers?” “Only certain kids are ever given the right information about how to prepare for upper level courses.”
Case example: A parent is frustrated that his child is staying up regularly till 1 A.M. in order to complete homework assignments.
“I’m trying to give my kid more independence in managing her school work. But she’s consistently staying up late. If I insist she go to bed, she complains that I’m hurting her grades. Ideas?” “I think Mrs. Y’s assignments are a waste of time.”
“I disagree with Central’s homework policy. It’s not working for most families and it needs to be changed.”


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